Top 10 Reasons to Join MPI Potomac

The reasons are endless to join MPI, here are the top ten Preferred* reasons to become a part of the Potomac Chapter.

1. Advancing Your Career!

The absolute number one reason to join MPI Potomac is for your personal career advancement! Whether you are an entry level professional or run your own successful company, MPI Potomac is here to advance your career thru education, networking, leads, and friendship. How do we do it? Check out reason 2–10 to find out!

2. Access to top-notch education

MPI Potomac offers educational programming ranging from intimate lunchtime sessions to larger forums with experts speaking on important industry topics. Our annual full-day conference, MACE, features keynote speakers and educational breakout sessions focused on the education that planners and suppliers need to advance their careers. We are a preferred provider of CIC which means our events qualify for clock hours for your CMP.

3. Networking Opportunities

In addition to educational opportunities, MPI Potomac hosts creative and lively networking events throughout the year to ensure our members meet and mingle with each other.

4. Leadership Development

MPI Potomac makes it easy to get involved. We encourage all members to join committees – one of the best ways to get the most out of your membership. Committee involvement often leads to members becoming Committee Co-Chairs and joining the MPI Potomac Board of Directors, all great ways to hone your leadership skills.

5. Fun!

MPI Potomac is a wonderful group of colleagues who share much in common. When asked what the best part about joining MPI Potomac is many members respond that it’s the friendships they've formed.

6. Getting the information you need Print and Electronic newsletters

MPI Potomac offers both print and electronic newsletters. Both communications include information on upcoming activities of the chapter, professional development articles and updates about our members.

7. Assistance with Certification

Interested in earning the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation? MPI Potomac can help. We offer Study sessions in the Spring and Fall as well as CMP boot camps before the exams.

8. Help finding your next job or next stellar employee

Need a job? The MPI Potomac job board includes job posts from organizations around the country. Need to hire a qualified professional? MPI Potomac members receive discounts on job postings.

9. Help when you need it

If you’re having financial difficulties or your employer doesn’t support your MPI Potomac involvement, the MPI Potomac Cares fund offers registration and membership fee assistance to members who need it.

10. Social Media Interaction

Never miss a thing going on in the MPI Potomac Chapter. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Snap Chat. We love to interact and engage with our members and the industry.

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