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MPI Potomac's Business Development team is a culmination of the chapters previous Networking Events and Sponsorship Committees. Joining our committee will allow you to assist in pre-planning, on site implementation and/or post-event follow-up of the events that we are responsible for on an annual basis. Additionally you will gain experience in soliciting and partnering with sponsors who have interest in supporting the efforts and strategies of the MPI Potomac Chapter.

The Business Development team is responsible for the coordination of details for three (3) Networking Events (annually)
  • Summer Sizzle / Committee Fair Reception ( August)
  • Fall Networking Reception, a joint event with the PCMA Capital Chapter (anticipated in mid/late September)
  • Derby Days Reception (May)
We also support MACE! (February) and the Evening of Stars (June)

In addition to the above events we are also responsible for sponsorship opportunities - including:
  • Cash Sponsorships
  • In-Kind Sponsorships
  • Sponsor Care Program
  • Sponsorship Prospectus
Time Commitment:
Networking Events: Year-Round
Sponsorship: Year-Round

MPI Potomac Story:
We are excited to have combined the Networking Events and Sponsorship teams as this allows our committee leaders the opportunity to remain actively involved, both creatively and fiscally, with the chapter throughout the year.

Committees Co-Chair:
Christine Nord ;

Board Director :
Christine Faiman, CMP ;

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MPI Potomac Career Development Committee is dedicated to:

Supporting the professional development of the events and meeting industry. The committee produces CMP exam preparation classes for members and non-members that provide support, guidance, and sample test questions to increase pass rates.

Duties include:
  • Maintain industry designation information on the MPI Potomac website
  • Plan and facilitate four CMP study course sessions per year.
  • Connect students with mentors who have earned their designation(s).
  • Write articles for MPI Potomac’s magazine and e-newsletters.
  • Train CMP study course facilitators on best practices and keep them appraised of changes to the designation.
  • Partner with other MPI Potomac committees on strategic initiatives.
  • Develop relationships with partners at local venues to host class sessions.
Roles include:
  • Venue coordinator: communicate with our venue for room set-ups, A/V needs, and other administrative needs
  • Student coordinator: support our students with weekly updates, reminders, monitor our LinkedIn group, and follow-up with students after the class
  • Facilitator: lead a class session (CMP designation required)
  • Content coordinator: review CMP mock exams for revisions, create new sample questions for classes, design other study support materials
Time Commitment:
The committee welcomes all levels of involvement and welcomes MPI Potomac members with an interest in advancing the skills, knowledge, and careers of industry professionals. No contribution is too little. The committee holds monthly conference calls to keep everyone up-to-date on our activities, with one to two in-person committee meetings per year. You do not have to hold a designation to serve on the committee, just an interest in advancing the skills, knowledge, and careers of our members.

MPI Potomac Story:
The best part of working with CMP candidates is watching their progress. Many students haven’t taken, or studied for, a test in years. Over the course of our classes they develop confidence, increase their knowledge base, and make connections that increase their network.

Committees Co-Chairs:
Shelli Vasser Gilliam, CMP ;
Sigrid Velez ;

Board Director :
Ronda Keys, CMP, CMM ,CEM, CTA, DES, HMCC ; -->

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The MPI Potomac Community Outreach Committee is dedicated to:

  • Being leaders within the industry through community outreach initiatives
  • Incorporating community outreach throughout MPI Potomac events
  • Participating in coordinated volunteer efforts throughout Potomac area benefiting industry initiatives and local charities
  • Coordinate community service events
  • Participate with assigned subcommittee actions
  • Assist with publication articles and event promotion
  • Maintain current website content – work with Marketing & PR
  • Participate on monthly conference calls
  • Engage at our quarterly social functions as a committee
Time Commitment:
  • Monthly Conference calls
  • One to Two in- person meetings per year
  • Variation of involvement to compliment level of involvement desired
MPI Potomac Story:
Do you enjoy giving back to your community? Members of the Community Outreach Committee are dedicated to being leaders within our chapter to lead community outreach initiatives. Iniatives that will incorporate giving back throughout MPI Potomac events by supporting local charities and industry initiatives throughout our community that we all love so much. Joining this committee gives you the perfect opportunity to be involved in our chapter while increasing the MPI Potomac Chapter’s philanthropic footprint within the DC area.

Committees Co-Chairs:
Danielle Guido, CMP ;
Rachel Kreiger ;

Board Director:
Lane West ;

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We create, we promote, we set the foundation and we execute phenomenal monthly educational events! We provide the MPI Potomac membership with career advancing Educational Experiences (E2) and intimate round table Grab & Go Lunch Sessions. Members of this committee are in charge of all aspects of logistical planning, from topic & speaker selection, room & AV set, transportation and on-site coordination. We work closely with the Site Selection Committee (SASS) to obtain host sites and sponsors. We also collaborate with PR and Marketing to ensure all of our efforts are enjoyed by the entire membership and the Washington DC Metro Industry!

  • Creation: Educational topic, theme, date & time selection
  • Selection: Coordinating with SASS Committee to find locations to host events
  • Contracting: Speakers/Moderators for monthly LE's, G & G's and webinars once location is determined
  • Promotion: Developing Marketing strategy with PR and Marketing
  • Logistics: Menu, Room Set, AV, Speakers, Transportation, etc
  • Organization: Agenda/Timeline for events
  • On-Site: Coordination for In-Person Events
Time Commitment:
Time commitment varies depending on the event and your level of volunteered involvement. Usually no more than 2-4 hours per month is needed in any position, but as we all know, some days/weeks there is nothing to do while others could require a little more time.

MPI Potomac Story:

Volunteering on the Education committee allows you to be the boss! It's a brilliant way to experience your MPI Potomac membership on a totally new and elevated level, and to find a connection with the entire organization and industry. It is a great introduction to MPI Potomac and great way to boost your sense of accomplishment. We can't think of a better way to get a first-rate taste of what MPI Potomac is all about.

Committees Co-Chairs:

Mary Beth Baluta ;
Katie Stewart ;

Board Director:
Amanda Parsons ;

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Together the Marketing team creates and launches exciting ad campaigns for the promotion MPI Potomac and of all our MPI Potomac events. Collaboration is our main task working diligently with all committees to make sure we have all the ammunition needed to properly and successfully launch a new ad campaign. If you have a creative side and an eye for catchy ads, then this is the committee for you!

  • Maintain MPI Potomac website
  • Create PowerPoints for MPI Potomac events
  • Collaborate with other committees on marketing campaign development and launch
  • Manage the social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, SnapChat
  • Create graphics for all MPI Potomac events
  • Manage the master marketing calendar for MPI Potomac
Time Commitment:
We encourage committee members to engage in at least 1 campaign through the course of the year. You could social media postings, becoming a liaison to a committee for their particular event, or creating a fantastic marketing campaign from scratch. The involvement possibilities are endless. A typical committee member will spend no more than 10 minutes to 30 minutes per week when they volunteer for a campaign.

MPI Potomac Story:
This committee is ever evolving as marketing technologies continually surface for creative ways to communicate to our members and the industry. Marketing is a part of every meeting professional’s job so come experiment with us and hone your skills.

Committees Co-Chairs:
Angela Hutchison ;
Pamela Schrock, CMP, CMM ;

Board Director :
Erica Critzer, CMP ;

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Do you love MPI Potomac?! We do and we need your help spreading the love. We will not stop until we are the largest chapter of MPI. Join to assist us in growing our chapter and help take us to the number 1 spot!

We are also working to grow our student memberships and develop the next generation of meeting and event professionals. We will be conducting a number of student info sessions in partnership with local colleges and universities. Join us too.

  • Organize member recruitment events throughout the year
  • Exhibit at local tradeshows to help drive membership
  • Plan student panels and information sessions at local colleges and universities
Time Commitment:
Whatever time you have available! Depending on the project, the time commitment can range from 30 minutes by making recruitment phone calls to non-members who have attended events or expressed interest in membership to a few hours by coordinating a committee fair. We’ll take whatever time you can give!

MPI Potomac Story:
The best part about the Member Recruitment committee is that we get to be the welcoming face for all new and perspective MPI Potomac Members! We ensure that all non-member event attendees interact with a smiling face and feel the MPI Potomac love!

Committees Co-Chairs:
Lura Bobbitt ;
Shavonne Harding ;

Board Director:
Anthony Molino ;

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We strive to "keep the customer satisfied." Whether it's a first-year member or a seasoned lifer, our goal is to keep our members coming back year after year.

  • Welcome new chapter members to ensure they have a plan to get the most from their membership
  • Inform members whose terms are due to expire well in advance and work with them to find a comfortable renewal plan
  • Contact those whose membership have expired to re-engage them in our chapter
  • Work with Member Recruitment and Member Recognition & Engagement to staff the Membership Table at all events and answer questions
Time Commitment:
We ask that committee volunteers join us for our monthly meeting, or phone in as needed. Committee members are asked to make renewal calls regularly, which may take up to one hour per month. For those with a bit more time to invest, we aim to hand-deliver our Welcome Packets to new members whenever possible.

MPI Potomac Story:
Formerly combined with Member Recruitment, Member Retention is now a stand-alone committee. This change allows us to focus on making sure our current members are getting what they need from our chapter. For volunteers looking to make personal connections with our members, this is a terrific place to invest your time.

Committees Co-Chairs:
Brian Chung ;

Board Director:
Karen Kaufman ;

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We LOVE our members and understand that our Chapter’s foundation is built on the hard work and dedication of our volunteers! The purpose of this committee is twofold: first to nurture the ongoing dialogue between our members and chapter leadership. Next, and equally important, is to recognize and show genuine appreciation for the MPI Potomac volunteers who share their time and expertise with our Chapter and the industry at-large.


  • Coordinate the annual committee fair which takes place at Summer Sizzle, our kick-off to the new chapter year.
  • Recognize and award a quarterly Star Award. This honor is given to an outstanding individual whose efforts stand out amongst their peers. We promote, tally and award an outstanding Star at our Educational Experiences (E2s).
  • Organize and execute our end of year extravaganza: Evening of the Stars. This is our annual awards program and reception at which we recognize the BEST OF THE BEST in our membership and industry!
  • Direct the Ambassador Program where new and prospective members are paired with established MPI locals prior to every event. This is a casual meet-up—anyone can attend to learn more about our chapter, the volunteer opportunities available and/or simply network with great people!
  • Oversee the MPI Potomac Cares Program, which was established to assist members who cannot afford to attend professional developmental and educational opportunities. Our role is to promote and create awareness of this Program, as well as raise funds and award scholarships to fellow chapter members.
  • Extend birthday and MPI-anniversary best wishes through social media and personalized cards.

Time Commitment:
A safe estimate of the time required really depends on the task at hand—most of our initiatives are on-going throughout the year and don’t take more than an hour or so, per month, to complete. Evening of the Stars is a key event and we’re always trying to make it bigger and better than before—the more volunteers available to lend creative ideas and time, the better!

MPI Potomac Story:
"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". Our team has the privilege of connecting with and directly serving our members every single day. If you are a volunteer at heart, and honor the opportunity to make a positive impact on those around you, you are in the right place!

Committees Co-Chairs:
Suzanne Low, CMP ;
Annalisa Berryhill ;

Board Director:
Carrie Donahue, CMP ;

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MACE is our Annual conference that brings leading education to planners and suppliers in the DC region through a wide variety of breakout sessions networking opportunities. In addition, we provide one-on-one appointments for suppliers and planners, known as the Flipped Marketplace.

  • Organize member recruitment events throughout the year.
  • Speaker Co-Chair and volunteers: Select keynote and breakout speakers, collect bios/headsets, coordinate travel.
  • Marketing Co-Chair and volunteers: Create unique marketing outreach programs through print and electronic media outlets as well as final program book. Work in conjunction with marketing committee.
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor Co-Chair and volunteers: Solicit potential sponsors and suppliers for the reverse trade show. Work with selected vendor for reverse trade show application.
  • Logistics Co-Chair and volunteers: Work with hotel and miscellaneous vendors for all conference logistical needs and assist with all on-site duties.
Time Commitment:
  • Speaker Co-Chair: 2 hours per week during the late summer months to early fall
  • Speaker Volunteer: Less than one hour a week in late fall, early winter
  • Marketing Co-Chair: 1 to 2 hours per week
  • Marketing Volunteers: 1 to 2 hours per project
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor Volunteers: 1 to 2 hours per project
  • Logistics Co-Chair: 2 to 4 hours per month. Two full days on-site
  • Logistics Volunteers: One to two days on-site
MPI Potomac Story:
Very few times are people in our industry able to set the direction for the education that others receive. This is the time to have a voice in what will help your peers take their career to the next level through education. This is also the perfect setting to try something new and help advance your personal career! Writing marketing pieces, selecting meeting/event vendors, using new tools, etc. Tell us what you are passionate about and we will place you on the right team!

Committees Co-Chairs:
Gabi Donchez ;
Tiwanna Perry ;

Board Director:
Derek Suminski ;

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The Publications Committee produces 3 major Publications for MPI Potomac; Member Directory (in-print and online), Potomac Memo (printed newsletter), and Connections (e-newsletter). The Potomac Memo is published six times each year, Connections is published 12 times per year and the Member Directory is published in-print once per year and maintained on-line continuously.

  • Manage content collection process and collaborate with other committees to ensure deadlines are met
  • Develop content ideas and solicit articles from general membership and industry experts
  • Select photos for the cover, articles, and MPI Potomac events and write captions to illustrate the moment.
  • Work with publication vendor (Naylor) to produce final distributed publications
  • Write articles for inclusion in the Potomac Memo, but only if you really want to
Time Commitment:
Whatever time you have available… but on average 2 hours per month. Depending upon the tasks you sign up for, demand for your projects will fluctuate between 15 minutes to an hour in a given week.

MPI Potomac Story:
The best part about the Publications Committee is that you get to see what truly goes in to producing a printed magazine. You have an opportunity to talk to the membership, see what they need and want to hear, and find a way to deliver that needed message using our Publications.

Committees Co-Chairs:
Amy Lippincott ;
Geoff Chesman ;
Altovise Davis ;

Board Director:
Phil Rappoport ;

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